2021 Tournament is complete!! Tournament for 2022 will be April 22nd weekend.

Prestige Worldwide takes the Advance championship game in a shootout win. Amazing game.

Offutt defeats Snipers Blank 5-3 in the High Int. championship game.

SF Mustangs take the championship game for the Low Intermediate division.

Stars beat Pirates 5-2 for the Novice champion game.

Championship Game Schedule Below

The Good Life Hockey tournament schedule have been posted on the site. 

This year we will have games at Moylan, Motto, Grover and Sidner. Sidner is in Fremont just north of Omaha. Ralston and Baxter have some special events going on that weekend, that is why we need to use Sidner this year. We will only need to have 5 games at Sidner on Friday night. Then the rest of the games are in Omaha. Sidner is a good 20 miles closer to Omaha then Breslow in Lincoln would be. It is the best we could do without needing to have games starting at 11 or 11:30pm. 

Here are the rink addresses for those coming in from out of town: 

Motto McLean Ice Arena 

5015 S 45th St, Omaha, NE 68117 

Grover Ice Rink 

6171 Grover St, Omaha, NE 68106 

Tim Moylan Tranquility Iceplex 

12550 W Maple Rd, Omaha, NE 68164 

Sidner Ice Arena 

1558 E Military Ave, Fremont, NE 68025 

Moylan Ice Rink Note; 

Moylan has 2 sheets of ice. There is a bigger one and a smaller one. The bigger one, as you entire the facility will be on the right and is a standard Olympic sizes sheet. The smaller sheet on the left is a stander NHL size sheet. 


Carry in Alcohol is not allowed at any of these rinks. Grover in particular has a liquor license. No outside alcohol is allowed. 


Waivers must be signed by all players. Have all players check-in at their first game and sign waivers. If players don’t sign a waiver they are not allow to play. 

Rink Managers; 

Each rink will have a rink manager. They are just there to make sure waivers are signed, scores are relayed to me and locker room assignments are setup. 


Referees have the last word with penalties and misconducts. The rules will be attached. If a player is ejected from a game that play is suspended from the next game. Something to note for this year as in past years, PIMS are the #2 tie breaker. So, keep the PIMS down. 


The tournament rules are on the info/rules page. We will have blue line icing. Ties are allowed unlit the championships where shootout will take place. Fighting will get a player kicked out of the tournament completely. 3 penalties will game will get a player suspended for the next game. 


For Standings the site will automatically update the standings as game results are entered. So, keep an eye on the standings. I’m have been assured that the head to head tie breaker works correctly. I tested it a bit and it seems to work. On Saturday night we will review the standings and make sure the correct teams will play in the championship Sunday. This is the standings page: 

Tie Breakers for pool play are as follows: 

    Head to Head 

    Fewest Penalty Minutes 

    Goal Differential 

    Goals For 

    Goals Against 

Team Pages; 

Below you will find your team and team page. Each team will have rosters and schedule posted there. It will basically be your home page for the tournament for each team. 

Stars & Sticks Tournament; 

As a side note. I will be hosting another major tournament like this one in September. It will be September 24th weekend. It will have a playoff and will go with standard tiebreakers for standings. I will email you again with info about that tournament as we get closer. 

Play it Again Sports;  Play it again is a sporting goods store with gear should you need anything during the weekend. It is off 84th street and Center. Address is, 8453 W Center Rd, Omaha, NE 68124 

Here is the master schedule page: 


Bar Down – Novicehttp://omahagoodlifehockey.com/team/bar-down-novice/
Bearded Clamshttp://omahagoodlifehockey.com/team/bearded-clams/
Berserkers – Novicehttp://omahagoodlifehockey.com/team/berserkers-novice/
Firehouse Subshttp://omahagoodlifehockey.com/team/firehouse-subs/
Menace Blackhttp://omahagoodlifehockey.com/team/menace-black/
Menace Silverhttp://omahagoodlifehockey.com/team/menace-silver/
Nebraska Warriors – Novicehttp://omahagoodlifehockey.com/team/nebraska-warriors-novice/
Pirates Expendableshttp://omahagoodlifehockey.com/team/pirates-expendables/
Snipers Greenhttp://omahagoodlifehockey.com/team/snipers-green/
Stars Whitehttp://omahagoodlifehockey.com/team/stars-novice/
The Flying Vshttp://omahagoodlifehockey.com/team/the-flying-vs/
Wyld Stallynshttp://omahagoodlifehockey.com/team/wyld-stallyns/

Low Intermediate;

Average Joeshttp://omahagoodlifehockey.com/team/average-joes/
Bar Down – Lowhttp://omahagoodlifehockey.com/team/bar-down-low/
Berserkers – Lowhttp://omahagoodlifehockey.com/team/berserkers-low/
Crafty Doghttp://omahagoodlifehockey.com/team/crafty-dog/
Fargo Woodchippershttp://omahagoodlifehockey.com/team/fargo/
Fighting Squirrelshttp://omahagoodlifehockey.com/team/fighting-squirrels/
Iowa Tropicshttp://omahagoodlifehockey.com/team/iowa-tropics/
Menace – Lowhttp://omahagoodlifehockey.com/team/menace-low/
Midlands Auto Repairhttp://omahagoodlifehockey.com/team/midlands-auto-repair/
Mustache Mafiahttp://omahagoodlifehockey.com/team/mustache-mafia/
Peter North Starshttp://omahagoodlifehockey.com/team/lincoln/
Pirate Rebelshttp://omahagoodlifehockey.com/team/pirate-rebels/
Shower Beershttp://omahagoodlifehockey.com/team/shower-beers/
Sioux City Icehttp://omahagoodlifehockey.com/team/sioux-city-ice/
Sioux Falls Mustangshttp://omahagoodlifehockey.com/team/mustangs/
Snipers Goldhttp://omahagoodlifehockey.com/team/snipers-gold/
Snipers OGhttp://omahagoodlifehockey.com/team/snipers-og/
Stars Bluehttp://omahagoodlifehockey.com/team/stars-low/

High Intermediate;

Menace – Highhttp://omahagoodlifehockey.com/team/menace-high/
Motor City Gringoalshttp://omahagoodlifehockey.com/team/motor-city-gringoals/
Offutt Maraudershttp://omahagoodlifehockey.com/team/offutt/
Snipers Blackhttp://omahagoodlifehockey.com/team/snipers-black/
Stars Redhttp://omahagoodlifehockey.com/team/stars-high/
Swamp Donkeyshttp://omahagoodlifehockey.com/team/swamp-donkeys/


Bar Down – Advancedhttp://omahagoodlifehockey.com/team/bar-down-advanced/
Harrahill Hockey Camphttp://omahagoodlifehockey.com/team/harrahill-hockey-camp/
Prestige Worldwidehttp://omahagoodlifehockey.com/team/prestige-worldwide/