Tournament Rules

Age Requirements

All players must be 21 years or age or older for all except the Advanced and Open Divisions.
Players in the Advanced and Open Divisions must be 18 years of age or older.


Bracket Play

  • 3 – 17 minute running clock periods
  • Last 2 minutes of the 3rd Period are stop clock if no more than a 2 goal differential.
  • Penalties are 2:00 each period
  • One 30 second Time Out per team
  • Ties Allowed
  • Note: Red Line icing


  • 3 – 17 minute running clock periods
  • Penalties are 2:00 each period
  • One 30 second Time Out per team
  • Note: Red Line icing
  • Ties
    • In the event of a tie, there will be a 5 minute overtime; 4 on 4.
    • After the 5 minute overtime, if still tied, there will be a 3 man shoot-out, until a winner is determined.  (New skaters for each round).
    • Skaters serving a penalty at the end of overtime are ineligible to participate in the shoot-out.
    • Skaters can only participate one time, until the entire roster has been exhausted (excluding skaters in the penalty box and goalies).
    • In the event the entire roster has been used and tie still remains, the shoot-out will start over with the same format; however, shooter order can be changed.

USA Hockey Rules

The tournament will abide by USA Hockey rules. A link to the official USA Hockey rule book can be found HERE. (Yes, this means we are using RED line icing!)

Scoring, Penalties & Tie Breakers

  • Minor penalties will be 2:00 (all periods).
  • Major penalties will be 5:00 (all periods).
  • 2 points are awarded for a regulation win.
  • 1 point is awarded for a tie.
  • 0 points are awarded for a loss.
  • No protests will be accepted, ruling of on-ice officials is final.

Tie Breakers for pool play are as follows:

  1. Head to Head Competition
  2. Fewest Penalty Minutes
  3. Goal Differential (Max 5)
  4. Goals For
  5. Goals Against
  6. Coin Toss


In addition to USA Hockey Rules, the Omaha Good Life Tournament will enforce a strict no ringer rule. Player talent level will be determined and ruled upon by tournament organizers. Be sure to read the Tournament Skill Level definitions and make sure that you comply.

Team captains, and assistants may challenge players as “ringers.” This challenge must occur immediately upon the completion of the game. Upon challenge, tournament directors will make a ruling on the eligibility of the player(s) based upon their observation of the game. Should the player(s) be deemed ineligible they will be disqualified and any goals on which they scored or assisted may be disallowed. Disqualified players are not eligible for any future games in the tournament. Disqualified players will not receive any refund of tournament registration fees. Teams may not replace disqualified players. The organizers of the Omaha Good Life Hockey Tournament take this rule very seriously, and view this as a means to ensure that all participants are ensured that they are playing at the expected competition level.